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Pesticides are artificially created poisonous chemicals that are used to kill destructive insects. These can be in the form of liquid, sprays or solids. The pesticides are though beneficial for mankind as it omits bacteria carrying pests. These can also be highly risky, if not used, stored and disposed in appropriate ways especially for children. As per the local community of pest control in Beaverton, there are certain precautions that oath to be followed while dealing with pesticide especially for homes with kids.

The first common way that can lead to the chemicals of pesticides reaching kids is improper storage. It is essential that the pesticides should be stored in properly sealed labelled containers at a height which becomes impossible to be reached by the kids. Also if possible, these should be kept in closed cupboards and rooms that are not accessed by the kids.

Secondly, the cleaning done after the pesticide procedure is regulated should be very thorough.. No corner or side should be left unclean. It is advisable to try and crawl on the floor to make sure nothing related to the pesticide is left even on your kid’s level. The floor should be swept very properly as if any traces of the pesticides is left on the floor can go into kids mouth through their crawling hands on the floor.

The children at the house should be explained about why the pesticide is being used and should be taught about the dangers of using it by children. They also should be given the helpline contact numbers in case of pesticide related accidents in case of absents of adults.

Other than the kids at home, it is the home pets that should be kept out of the site of the storage of pesticides. Pets usually browse through various containers at home in search of food. They should be trained to not to go out in the rooms where dangerous pesticides are kept.

Thirdly, while disposing the pesticides, make sure that the hazardous home waste dumpster are closed and out of the reach of pets and children. Pesticides should not be disposed into garden or yard which can be used by kids or pest. Contamination of the chemicals into their body can cause serious health issues.

Pesticides storage, use and dumping trainings is being readily made available by the government officials in Beaverton.  One should be very careful as it is a question of health. It is better to be preventive before than being sorry after.

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