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antsAre ants invading your home, apartment, or office building?  If you’ve seen these pesky bugs around, it’s time to call in Oregon’s best ant control solution, Banish Pest Control for ant removal.

Ants are one of the most common pests across the United States. There are over 12,500 species of ants, but luckily there are only 200+ species that live in the Pacific Northwest. A recent study done by Cornell University estimated that fire ants alone cause more than $5 billion worth of damage each year.  That figure doesn’t include any of the other hundred of species of ants or the related pest control cost.

Portland and Beaverton are home to the following kinds of ants: carpenter, flying, white, western thatching, pharaoh, velvety tree, honey, small honey, thief, harvester, odorous house, pavement, sugar ants and little black ants.  They range in size from 6 to 20 mm depending on the type and whether it’s a worker ant or a queen.

Ants are natural foragers and they feed on many different types of food. They eat honeydew they collect from aphids and some species will also feed on other insects. Due to the large variety in their diet, they often invade homes in search of new food. Once inside, they feed on fruits, sweets, meat, grease and vegetables.  The sooner you get proper ant control, the better off you’ll be.

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Odorous House Ants are some of the most common little ants (and one of the most difficult to control) on the West Coast and in the mid-southern region of the United Sates. They get their name from the odor they produce when they are squished. These ants are brownish black in color, and they nest in many different locations with their natural camouflage. Outdoors, their nests are commonly found in the ground, but they can easily set up shop in stacks of firewood, or any kind of clutter or storage that is undisturbed. Other places include mulch, stones, or boards. Inside a home, it’s possible to find nests inside walls, floors, or even under floor coverings, such as carpet, linoleum, or behind tile. These little black ants are polygynous, meaning there are/can be multiple queens which translates into multiple nests. It won't take long for these tiny ants to establish themselves in you home.

Carpenter ants are another frequent pest.  They can establish nests in many different locations outdoors like stumps, fence posts and woodpiles. Unlike termites, carpenter ants live in the wood they infest. They do not ingest wood because they cannot digest cellulose, so they simply excavate the wood to make their nests.  For that reason, carpenter ants can be quite a problem if a nest is established within the structure of a home.  Their feeding habits include a variety of both animal and plant products, as well as other insects, alive or dead, and almost anything people will eat too.

ant removal portland orCarpenter Ants can forage over 100 yards from the nest.  Worker carpenter ants lay down a pheromone as they forage. The attractive scent of these pheromones are followed by others, which result in the trails people often encounter. Although they can be seen foraging during the day, carpenter ants are most active at night.

Winged Carpenter Ants are called swarmers. These swarmers are male and female reproductives, meaning a male and female mate and then she flies off to look for a suitable place to possibly start her own colony. When a colony of carpenter ants begins to produce swarmers, it’s considered a mature colony that has been active for 3 to 6 years. If you think you may have an ant infestation, contact our team right away to get rid of it.

By now, you’re probably thinking, “OK, how do I get rid of ants?”  Good question.  The simple answer is to give me a call if you want to knock out that ant problem.  Many people attempt do-it-yourself methods for getting rid of ants, but 99% of the time it doesn’t work because they’re not reaching the root of the problem.  Sure, anyone can go over to the local store and buy a few ant traps to lay around the house, but what will it do?  The traps will help a little bit, but it will never take care of the nest – the ant base camp that was set up behind your wall or somewhere in your building.  Banish is the top ant control company in Oregon.  Our team of professionals will determine where the problem is stemming from and stop it at the source, quickly and safely.  Give us a ring and we’ll give you a free estimate.


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