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flea removalNeed flea removal?  Fleas are known as ectoparasites, meaning they feed on the external surface of a host, rather than the inside of it. Most Fleas prefer nonhuman hosts, but many can, and do, feed on humans if an infestation is heavy, or when there are no other hosts available.

Fleas are very small, ranging from one-twelfth to one-sixth inch long and do not have wings. Their narrow bodies allow them to maneuver easily between the hairs of the host, or the carpet they can infest. Adult Fleas have piercing-sucking mouthparts to suck blood, and very powerful legs that allow them to jump anywhere from seven to eight inches vertically and fourteen to sixteen inches horizontally.

Fleas have a complete metamorphosis; egg, larva, pupa and adult. Female Fleas lay eggs on a daily basis. She can lay as many as two hundred to four hundred eggs a day and these eggs can hatch in as little as two days to a week. After the eggs hatch, the larva matures into adult Fleas in seven to ten days. This is why just a few Fleas can turn into an unbearable amount in such a short amount of time.

Fleas can infest a home year around, but the peak of “Flea Season” is usually in the Spring, Summer and Fall.

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