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The very first sight of ants, rodents, bed bugs, flies, cockroaches, termites, mosquitoes, etc disturbing and should be considered as a warning. It is the time to get into action and get your property pest treated to prevent degrading health and damage to your property. Pest control professionals leave no stone unturned to clear every trace of pest at your place. But, what’s next? Pest treatment can only prevent pest from coming for some time. This prevention can be extending by pest proofing the property.   

Now what is pest proofing? Pest proofing is following some tips and preventive measures that reduces the root causes of the initiation of these creepy crawlies.

Pests can attack anywhere no matter if it’s home, office, cafeteria or outdoors. It is crucial to understand the fact that these pests enter from the loop holes like cracks in the walls, gaps under the doors and windows, holes left open that connects the sewage etc. Also, most of them prey on unclean and unattended places with locations serving food to be on the top. So following are some do’s and don’ts that can effectively pest proof your location making it secure for the occupants and saving a huge amount of money on further treatments.

In the food areas like the kitchen, cafeterias or joints etc, all the food should be sealed immediately after use. If unattended, it can turn into a feast for the rodents, cockroaches and ants. Food crumbs, scraps in high volume food serving areas are common. These should be cleared straight away preventing unwanted flies preying on them causing food contamination and spreading diseases.

Disposing the trash in sealed dumpster and keeping the dumpster lid secure and tight is another magical way to keep the bugs away! Storing the food items or other bugs attracting stuff in ventilated and dry area prevents pest attack and also elongates the food life.

Not opening the doors and windows for a longer period of time  or net-screening them helps in getting fresher air along with keeping the pests out. Regular checks on the floor openings and gaps and cracks in the wall should be detected and fixed immediately stooping the entry of unwanted guests. Outdoors also should be cleaned regularly to prevent pests. Unattended sights are favorite place for the spiders and hence regular dusting and cleaning of cobwebs can help preventing spider attack.

Little measures taken can help escaping serious illnesses caused by pests. True is the saying that prevention is always better than cure.

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