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TERMITES AND THEIR CONTROLTermites are considered as the most detrimental pests among all existing as they can cause unpredictable damage even to the big and tall buildings that seems so massive in front of these pests. Termites grows up in numbers very quickly and prey on the cellulose protein in the wood converted into substance. They slowly make the wood rotten and very weak. There are many termite spices but the common one found in Beaverton are the Damp wood termites and the Subterranean termites.

The Subterranean termites mostly have their nests in trees, poles, stumps or timber buried spaces. This colony of termites like to live in the roots of the lower part of the trunk of the eucalyptus tree.  These attacks all the structure made of timber and destroy the plants with ornamental values in your lawn and outdoors. The very first sight of Subterranean termites shouldn’t be ignored and the termite control professional in Beaverton should be called immediately.

The other spices are the Damp wood termites are the insects that prey on the wet and rotting wood, as the name suggest.  These termites look large in appearance as compared to their counterparts.  These are creamy yellowish in colour. These termites have a higher requirement of moisture to survive which they find in the wet wooden logs and pieces. These have their nests in the grounds. Locating the source of wet wood and its repair plays an essential role in the whole process of treatment of the termites which is well known by the professional pest controllers in Beaverton. An example of wet wood which is prone to the termite attack can be the wooden cabinets and shelves made in bathrooms and toilets.

A termite colony can destroy as much of 5g of wood each day and if remained untreated for a long period can result in damaging major wooden structures.  The termite control professionals in Beaverton can be called anytime. These professionals offer baits to the termites which is taken back to their colony resulting in mass destruction of the colony. The professional also offers time line guarantees of finding no termites over a specific period.

Termite treatment is essential to protect and reserve expansive wooden material and if delayed can result in loss of a huge amount of money. It is also recommended to opt for worthy solutions rather than opting for the cheap ones as the damage caused by these pests is unamendable.

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