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TEXTILE PESTS AND TERMITESPests are the destructive insects that attack water, food, leaves, clothes, etc. These carry harmful bacteria and other infectious disease causing microorganism and contaminate healthy human environment by transmitting those germs through their saliva, droppings or from their dead decaying body. Various allergic infections, skin reactions, breathing difficulties and disease like asthma etc. can also be cause by pests.

Clothes pests or the textile pests are the other type of pests that are found in clothes, bed mattresses, carpets, couches etc. These get into the threads of the fabrics used through dust in air falling on the bed, couches etc.

Example of textile pests are the cloth beetles or cloth moths. These can digest the protein fibres such a wool, silk and hair fibres. Also, if carpet clothes are made from nylon, polyester and acrylic fibre and they contain the traces of food particles, blood stains, urine, or any other protein source, these are more prone to be attacked by these pests.

Silverfish, firebrats and termites are other type of textile pests. Where silverfish and firebrats destroy the book bindings and silk textile materials, Termites eat wood i.e. cellulosic material along with the carpet backings and the yarns made up jute and cotton. There are professionals available for termites control in Beaverton who are just a call away.

Fleas, that they their eggs in the carpet pile and backing, and dust mites, that are microscopic creatures are threat to textile. Fleas cannot be  removed with regular carpet cleaning but the disinfectants used by professional carpet cleaner can not only kill the fleas but also can remove their large number of eggs that will turn into adult flees when they grow up. A professional carpet cleaning and pest control in Beaverton can resolve these problems caused by the fleas and pests.

To avoid the pest attack on the textile it is advisable to keep the carpet, rugs, draperies etc. neat and clean on regular basis. Dry cleaning of drapery and clothing is essential as the solvent used in dry cleaning is poisonous for the pest.

If you are having your carpet being used in the room with wooden floor it is likely to be attacked by termites that can damage the backside of the carpet as well as the wood of the floor. Termites are slow eater and can cause bigger damage and should be treated on urgent basis by contacting the termite control professional in Beaverton.

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